Dhruv Life Sciences is privileged to posses excellent manufacturing facilities which are backed by state-of-the-art quality control labs and a dedicated team of experts to supervise the operations. At present we have three facilities. Injectable formulation facilities in Hyderabad and Wada (Maharashtra) where we manufacture vast range of specialty and critical care products under strategic management tie ups and technical collaborations. Third is a biotech facility in Hyderabad which manufactures enzymes and biotech intermediates.

Formulation Units

Our formuations facilities in Hyderabad and Wada (Maharashtra) are WHO GMP certified units having state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for Lyophilized vials, Pre-Filled syringes, Ampoules, Liquid vials and Cephalosporin sterile dry powders.

Biotech Facility

Our biotech unit has facilities for solid state fermentation, submerged fermentation, protein purification and manufacturing of biochemical’s and enzymes. The Biotech facility is backed by a sophisticated quality control laboratory with facilities for analysis of enzymes, pro-biotics and biologicals. We have UV VIS Spectro Photometer, ElISA readers and Gel Electrophoresis units.

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